The following initiatives will be carried out with the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano.

If you are interested in some of them, we suggest to keep updated through the official newsletter PoliTamTam and through our Instagram page!

Paris tour

Come with us to Paris, 5 days in the ville de l’Amour among museums, art, monuments and nightlife, for an unforgettable experience ✨

23-27 marzo 2023

Budapest trip

5 days in Budapest, the "Paris of the East"! Come with us and discover this wonderful city 🍻

31 marzo - 5 aprile 2023

Corsi peer to peer


Un corso da studentɜ, per studentɜ su AutoCAD, Illustrator e Photoshop, software fondamentali per chi studia Architettura, Urbanistica e Design.

27 e 29
marzo 2023

Table tennis tournament

Both in Leonardo and Bovisa campuses, with single and double player tournaments! Prizes for the winners of each campus

Ah ovviamente è gratis! 🏓

15 aprile 2023


How does Politecnico relate to climate change and environmental issues? What are the initiatives and organizations dealing with these issues in our community?

Come and find out at the dedicated event!

Sports day

Invadiamo il centro sportivo Giuriati! Tornei di calcio a 5, basket, pallavolo e paddle, con premi alle squadre vincitrici. Iscrizione €5 ⚽

Lago Maggiore tour with steam train

Una giornata indimenticabile alla scoperta del Lago Maggiore e delle Isole Borromee, viaggiando su un treno a vapore! 🚂

7 maggio 2023

meglio legale

Meeting-debate with the Meglio Legale association in which we will try to explore the pros and cons of the legalization of cannabis, trying to involve students as much as possible. 

10 maggio 2023

Scopone Tournament

Do you already picture yourself at 80 years old in a bar playing cards?

If so, subscribe freely to our Scopone tournament, with prizes to the winning teams! 🃏

12-13 maggio 2023


Before an exhausting exam session, take a day off and furrow the valleys with a dinghy, between breathtaking views and adrenaline to the max!

Prezzo: €15 🛶

3 june 2023

Peer to peer courses


A course by and for students on Latex, the main language for writing scientific text and thesis: less theory and more practice!

dicembre 2021

Freshman kit

We are preparing a welcome kit for future freshmen, with PoliMi guides, maps and hints! 📘

september 2023

Tram tour of Milan

New to Milan? Would you like to discover the city on board a historic tram with your classmates?

Free registration 🚋

October 2 and 5 2023

treasure hunt on campuses

An engaging way to discover the PoliMi campuses, with a prize for the winning teams! 🔍

29 september and 6 october 2023

Lyon trip

Discover the transalpine city, for 3 days, with visits to museums and to discover the surroundings! 🚌

20 - 22 october 2023

Barcellona tour

5 days in Barcelona to forget the exam session! Come with us and discover Catalogne's capital city 😎

8 - 12 november 2023

second-hand book market

Are you done using your books? Do you need to buy more? You can potentially do this at no cost by making your used books available and specifying the ones you will need

september and october 2022

Visit at Venice Biennale

Come with us to visit the Venice Architecture Biennale, at a reduced price and in the company of your PoliMi friends! 🎨

11 and 18 november 2023

polimi world aids day

A day to discuss and inform about STDs and sexuality. In short, a kind of Sex Education but at PoliMi! ℹ️

1 december 2023

Prague trip

Come with us to visit one of Europe's most romantic and elegant capitals, for a dive into Eastern Europe before the winter session! 🕯️

7 - 10 december 2023

Bernina Red Train

A breathtaking experience on the most beautiful train in Europe, for a day between the candid white Alps.

Price: €35 (return trip and typical dinner included) 🏔️

12 and 16 december 2023

Pila Skiday

Unload the adrenalin built up from a heavy semester on the snowy peaks of the Aosta Valley, for you at an unbeatable price! ⛷️

19 december 2023

polimi talentfest

Do you have any talent? Do you dance, sing, play instruments, tell jokes, paint? We have organised an open event, where everyone will be able to perform as they please!

10 - 11 maggio 2022

Gorno's ecomuseum trip

At the foot of Alpi Orobie there is Gorno, a former mining site, where minerals used to produce lead and zinc were extracted, that we will explore thanks to the Ecomuseum.

Travel and visit are free!

22 ottobre 2022

flyemotion in valtellina

An eagle perspective fly through the Valtellina, even reaching 120 km/h. A one-of-a-kind experience!

Prezzo: €20

28 maggio 2022

Assemblea aperta

Ti interessa la politica universitaria? Vuoi prendere parte alle decisioni politiche del poli? Hai qualche proposta o idea per migliorare il Poli?

Allora vieni alla nostra assemblea aperta!

20 ottobre
aula 3.0.2

Festa in città studi

Riprendiamoci i nostri spazi!

La festa in città studi torna il 28 ottobre per il vol.2 del Città Studi by Night, con musica e alcol a prezzi popolari

28 ottobre
18:00 - 01:00

il ruolo dell'ingegneria nello sport

Con gli atleti paralimpici del Poli Francesco Battela, Giulia Ghiretti, Simone Barlaam e Alberto Amodeo

26 novembre


frame the project

A series of meetings to watch together and discuss 5 great documentaries that trace the history and the great masters of Italian architecture and design

21 - 28 october
9 - 23 - 29 november


How does Politecnico relate to climate change and environmental issues? What are the initiatives and organizations dealing with these issues in our community?

Come and find out at the dedicated event!

Would you like to organize an event, a tournament or a party? You need help? Contact us!

We will try to help you with everything you need!