Student Politics

Our ideas

We want more than 5 tries

We propose to add at least two more exams tries per year (we have a minimum of 5 at the moment), adding also extraordinary exams sessions for students during mid-term break

Free tampons

We are working to install in every women's toilet a free-tampon vending machine, to give female students a basic-necessity good without creating embarassing situations

no tax area 30.000

Like our Rector said and proposed, we think that it is necessary to extend the no-tax area from €22.000 to €30.000 (ISEE): studying shouldn't be hindered by economic obstacles!

Free aluminum water bottles

To avoid the umpteenth use of plastic bottles, let's use water dispensers, and to encourage it we propose PoliMi to give every student an aluminum water bottle, for free

150 hours positions for wealth, not merit

150 hours positions are currently assigned by a merit-criterion. Since it's a means to let less wealthy students to gain some money, why are positions being assigned by a merit criterion instead of a wealth (ISEE) criterion?

higher food stamps

We proposte to increase daily food stamps from €4/€4,5 to at least €6, in order to let students eat more than a slice of pizza!

Upcoming events

cultural activities and trips

Every year we organise several cultural activities and trips for students, free of charge or at affordable prices (also thanks to the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano). We are doing this because we think that the university is much more than a space for teaching, and that it can be experienced as a place for socialising and inclusion.

Discover our upcoming events on the link below, and follow us on Instagram not to miss them!

Seculars, non-partisans, indipendents

Studenti Indipendenti is a Politecnico di Milano students representatives list, free from lobbies and political parties and, of course, completely indipendent

For us representing students is a means and not an aim: we strive for increase students' rights throughout student representation in administrative bodies and activism as a students group in thematic areas like feminism, environmentalism, antiracism, antimafia, antifascism, LGBTQIA+...

We operate both as an association and as a representative list at PoliMi but also in other universities in Milan (Studenti Indipendenti Statale and Bicocca, Rete della Conoscenza Milano), and in Italy (Link - Coordinamento Universitario, Rete della Conoscenza). Always by the students' side.

Useful information

Sometimes it's difficult to orientate at PoliMi: knowing what classrooms and areas are open, where to study, how taxes work and many other things are difficult to find.

That's why we made some useful guides and downloadable campus maps and scaricabili, in order to help a little bit someone who might need it.

All those materials are made by us , from the students to the students.

Furthermore, there are some useful insights on frequently asked subjects like student taxes , spaces , agreements and discounts .

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