Not only representation in bodies! As a student group we promote information activities about the Poli and the university world!

Here you will find all the material we produced in these years at PoliMi

guide for freshmen

Here you can find: basic information about your stay at PoliMi, how the credit system (CFU)or the tax system works, but also suggestions about moving around the city and how to spend time at night.

materials guide

Here you will find: advice on which PC to buy according to the software required for each course, tips on buying or renting books, explanations on prints and models, information on distributors and machines in universities

online isee guide

Here you can find everything you need to know about The ISEE and its usefulness and to complete it online .

Tax guide

Find out at a glance how student taxation works at Poli, with a useful chart and an automatic calculator to find your tax amount!

Campuses' maps

In queste mappe abbiamo raccolto oltre a tutti gli edifici anche la localizzazione delle aule studio, dei microonde, dei distributori d’acqua and fermate dei mezzi pubblici